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Singapore-based ThinKuvate Launches INR 100 Cr Maiden India Fund

With an initial investment of up to INR 3 crore in seed to Series A rounds, the India Fund would seek to invest in 12 to 15 tech startups across sectors annually.

Science & Technology

4 Key Health Tech Trends for Businesses in 2024

This year, healthcare faces the influence of pivotal societal drivers: an aging population, the rise of transformative technologies shaping the healthcare landscape, and persistent global economic uncertainties.


Healthtech: ¿cuál es el valor de esta industria de la que tanto se habla en los últimos años?

El uso de la tecnología para el desarrollo de soluciones innovadoras para el sector salud (HealthTech) influirá incluso en el futuro de la humanidad y los inversores lo saben.

News and Trends

Health Tech Startup Orange Health Raises $25 Million in Series-B Funding Round

The funds raised will be deployed towards deeper investment in product development as well as technology across systems, user experience and building world-class laboratories

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5 Health-Tech Startups to Watch in 2021

No sector of the economy has changed more rapidly in the last year than health tech.


Create Meaningful Change: How Entrepreneurs Can Collaborate with the Public Sector During a Crisis

A few points to consider when innovating for a greater purpose.


Giving care to elderly and needy, at home

Garima Tripathi's Care24 provides medical attendants for post-discharge care


Meet The New-Age Techie Caretaker Who Made it to The Entrepreneur India's 35U35 List

How with an AI-based startup, this entrepreneur pledges to revolutionize the health-tech space


5 Health Tech Trends That Will Drive Disruption in 2019

The emergence of tech-based startups is taking Indian Startup ecosystem in a whole lot of action in several levels, marking its presence in the health care industry as well


How Health-Tech Wearables Come Along With Data Privacy Concern

Data Privacy In The Age Of Wearables


"It's Only A Brief Matter Of Time That Robots Start Taking Care Of Themselves"

In conversation with Kaiesh Vohra of Lucep.

Health & Wellness

These Startups Are Disrupting the Healthcare Industry With Targeted Cancer Treatments

Innovations in big data, machine learning and in-device sensors are changing the nature of technology startups.

Health & Wellness

Diagnosing a Sick Healthcare Industry

Healthcare in the US has metastasized, threatening to take over the host economy. If ever there was a paradigm in need of entrepreneurs intent on disruption, here it is. Have at it.


How to be a Successful Medical Entrepreneur

Medpreneur as a profession has gained tremendous popularity in India today.


Why More Women Prefer Healthcare As Their Desired Job Industry

Healthtech expert Anu Acharya shares why healthcare industry is a popular choice among women entrepreneurs