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5 Health Tech Trends That Will Drive Disruption in 2019 The emergence of tech-based startups is taking Indian Startup ecosystem in a whole lot of action in several levels, marking its presence in the health care industry as well

By Siddharth Angrish

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The emergence of tech-based startups is taking Indian Startup ecosystem in a whole lot of action in several levels, marking its presence in the Health care industry as well.

Every part of health care, today, is acknowledging the of innovation, and more than ever we are seeing the prioritization of streamlined processes through digital platforms. The explosion of mobile health technologies is enabling real-time information creation and analysis.

Here are 5 megatrends of HealthTech Industry in India in 2019

1. AI in Healthcare - Artificial Intelligence is getting increasingly sophisticated at doing what humans do, except it is more efficient, quicker and at a much lower cost. Not just our day to day activities, AI has also become a part of the healthcare ecosystem, where it has very vast potential. AI is already being used to detect disease such as cancer in a more early stage, with 99% accuracy. In the coming times, AI will increase the ability for healthcare professionals to better understand the day-to-day patterns and needs of the people they care for and help them provide better feedback, guidance and support for taking care of their health.

2. Video and Voice Calling- Patients are everywhere but doctors are not. Reaching out to your doctor for consultation in every field could be a burden to you and to the doctor at the same time, both considering time management. With the help of Video or Voice calls, health care providers now respond and provider regular medical routine checkups faster and in a more convenient way. At times, reading the description on the report is never satisfactory than to actually talk to their doctors and consult on the same. Video calling here provides a trust among the patients.

3. Focus on Wellness - The fast-moving work environment and a busy life have made people ignorant of their own health. HealthTech startups are coming to their rescue by providing maximum health care information and treatment on a single click of their mobile phones. Enabling them with no loss of time, as they would be able to consult their doctors on the go, it will be highly accepted option among working professionals

4. Digital Nurse - Gone are the days when people have to go see their doctors after every interval to consult regarding the as smaller topic as blood report details. Today technology has made it easier for them to share the data and reports online with their doctors, again with no extra time involvement. Such HealthTech companies act as a digital nurse and also help their patients to have a complete track of their activities with their doctors. It helps to monitor the follow's condition and follow up with treatments, between doctor visits

5. Diseases Centric Treatment - People mostly prefer to go to their family doctor or the doctor they regular see for any sort of issue. But, every doctor has a specialized field and can't really cure all of the issues you go to them for. The technology advancement in the healthcare industry will make it easier for doctors to stay connected internally with different doctors and hospitals, so as to make reference easier. Keeping the diseases in the mind, the doctors would be able to help their patients reach out to the doctors with the expertise on that particular disease, no matter the distance and personal relations

Siddharth Angrish

Founder of Jiyyo.com

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