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This 27-Year-Old Harvard Dropout Started a Hedge Fund Out of a Garage — Now She Manages Nearly $1 Billion in Assets

Eva Shang, who met co-founder and fellow Harvard undergraduate Christian Haigh at a club on campus, admits it's "very unusual for college students to start a hedge fund."

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This CEO Topped an Annual 'Rich List' of the Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers — and Even Shattered the All-Time Record

The top 25 hedge fund managers on the list raked in a total of $21.5 billion in 2022.

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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Got Paid $1 Million to Talk to Hedge Funders Weeks After She Was Slammed for Her Harvard Lecture

The Skims founder spoke about her SKKY Partners private-equity firm during Miami's "Hedge Fund Week."

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Recently Sold Your Business? Consider Creating an Investment Fund Instead of Another Startup

While most startup founders don't think of themselves as professional investors, their experience building and exiting successful companies may equip them to succeed in making investments on behalf of others.

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What Is WallStreetBets and What Stocks Are They Targeting?

The subreddit community r/wallstreetbets is being at the very least disruptive to conventional ideas of investing. This is a group of committed trader...

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3 Stocks Hedge Funds Scooped Up in Q1

It's still interesting to see what investing icons like Warren Buffett, Stanley Druckenmiller, and David Tepper were up to in the previous quarter. Let's take a look at several notable stocks that hedge funds and institutional investors scooped up in Q1.

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16-Year-Old Interns in Singapore Are Managing Billion-Dollar Portfolios. Here's Why.

In an interesting move, hedge funds in the Southeast Asian city-state are reportedly training local teenagers to manage the wealth of billionaires.

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The Scope of Alternative Investment

Over the next several years the country needs to invest a substantial $1.5 trillion in physical infrastructure to grow the economy and meet the aspirations of Indians

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Activist Hedge Fund Starboard Launches Proxy Fight to Remove Yahoo Board

Starboard, which owns an estimated 1.7 percent of Yahoo, said it would nominate nine candidates as possible replacements.

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It's Never Too Late: At 78, This Former Physicist Is Starting a Hedge Fund

Another compelling argument that age is but a number.

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Hedge Fund Mogul: Warren Buffett Is a 'Hypocrite'

Daniel Loeb is known in investment circles for his sharp tongue and top returns

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With RadioShack Bankruptcy Imminent, a Buyer Steps Forward

The ailing tech retailer is reportedly aiming to file for bankruptcy protection as early as today.

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SecondMarket CEO: Wall Street Will Put 'Hundreds of Millions' Into Bitcoin

The founder of the Bitcoin Investment Trust has been meeting with Wall Street players whom he says are preparing to pour vast amounts of money into the digital currency.