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Housecall Pro Is Helping Home-Service Pros Grow Their Businesses the Right Way

This all-in-one platform offers a streamlined, professional interface that's perfect for many small businesses.

Starting a Business

Examples of Home Service Business Ideas

Before you can start your own home service business, you'll first need to see what everyone else is doing and how they're differentiating themselves.


This Global Entrepreneur Is Betting High On People's Management

In very little time, this company has grown from a private security agency to services group by venturing into, government services, logistics and strategic services

Starting a Business

Laundry Business in India Slated to be the Big Bet

This US-based company aims to become a major player by offering franchisees in Indian laundry space


What the HomeJoy Failure Tells Us About the Future of the On-Demand Economy

The home services market is enormous, yet there is not a lot of room for middle men.