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HR Software 2024 and Beyond: The Rise of Intelligent Workforce Platforms

Most companies use human resources management systems. Here's why.

Growth Strategies

"All you need is Fire in the Belly"

Here's How Today HRs is playing the role of a business partner

News and Trends

How Organizations are Revamping HR Policies to Suit the Changing Demographics of the Workforce

Employers once ruled the market with the privilege of being able to hire the best candidate, the priorities have changed--with a focus more on development, transparency and work-life balance


AI in HR: When Employee Experience Takes Center Stage

An AI-powered conversational chatbot capable of comprehending human emotions, the following things can be done in a jiffy


The Human Element: Why Workforce Strategy Needs to be More Talent-Centric

The introduction of AI tools is helping companies streamline recruitment processes to a large extent, thus helping to make them faster and more efficient


AI-ming to Redefine Conventional Human Resources Practices

AI-ming to Redefine Conventional Human Resources Practices

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How to Know It's Time to Add an HR Department

HR activities at startups are often reactive in nature instead of proactive. That leaves gaps in the system.