Impact Investing

Impact-Driven Startups Are a Gold-Mine for Investors

Investors across the globe are finding ways to unleash the power of their capital by trying out different industries and business models.

Krishna Athal

Primed For Growth: The Impact Investment Mindset

Impact investing has grown tremendously over the last decade, and in large part because investors aren't just looking at unrealistic returns, and add to that the positive environmental and social outcomes that are becoming increasingly more measurable.

The World's Most Innovative Cities Might Not Be Where You Think

Africa's business opportunities continue to expand as 5G and connectivity spread to the continent's populated regions.

Ariel Shapira

Why Islamic Finance And Impact Investing Should Join Forces

Impact is at the heart of the GCC's strategy, and sustainability is embedded in its values.

Zahara Malik

Reflections While #StayingHome: What Technology And The COVID-19 Crisis Are Teaching Us About Conscious Investing

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed just how intertwined we are, and how issues of public health and the environment need to underpin any investment now being made.

Impact: The New Narrative For Long-Term Business Growth

The new decade ahead could represent a turning point for businesses as we know, and lead to impact being the new narrative shaping business as usual.

Mihaela Nina

5 Key Highlights From Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son's Earnings Presentation

"Regret decision to invest in WeWork," said Son on Softbank's post-earnings conference call with the press

'Impact Investment Returns Are Similar to VC, So Why Not Give Back To Society'

A perfect scenario is when investments in start-ups give financial returns and have social impact too, according to Unitus Ventures' Vikas Sarda

Shreya Ganguly

Investing In Innovators: Planting The Entrepreneurial Seed At Your Company

The increasing shift towards flexible work arrangements is boosting autonomous work models with multiplied room to create and produce.

Omar Tahboub

How to Become an Exceptional and Impactful Speaker

One might have asked the question, but there are tens who are watching your response

Why Temasek is Interested in Making 'Impact Investments'

This Singapore-based investment firm has launched a separate private equity fund dedicated to impact investing in companies from South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China

Dipen Pradhan

Tips for an Entrepreneur: How to Build a High-Impact Team for a Successful Startup

Hire people who can get the Work done and not get bogged down with silos or role definitions