Initial Coin Offering

4 Top Reasons Your ICO Won't Get Funded in 2019

The days of the quick crypto-buck are over, but if you proceed carefully, you can still find the investment you need.

AJ Agrawal

What Marketers Can Learn From Switzerland's Cryptocurrencies

Swiss-based cryptocurrency projects are setting standards in blockchain marketing.

Simon Moser

SVPER App Gains Investor Confidence Ahead Of Its ICO Pre-Sale

SVPER, an app that revolutionizes the way people meet online, has gained an increased investor confidence due to its potential to improve security, trustworthiness and transparency among its users.

Funding The Future

An unprecedented era of capital abundance is all set to massively accelerate innovation in the world as we know it.

How Does the Crowdfunding Boom in Switzerland Affect the Rest of Europe?

Crowdfunding is taking off within the Swiss cantons. Here's why.

After Marketing 70 ICOs, I've Witnessed the Most Common Mistakes. Here They Are.

Some people think that that you just have to say 'blockchain,' and money and success will follow. But in fact an ICO demands hard work.

AJ Agrawal

Three Ways To Optimize Your ICO Marketing

When it comes to ICOs, your marketing prowess will be the biggest determinant of whether you'll meet your fundraising target.

Should You Launch an ICO to Raise Money for Your Startup?

As of February 2018, 46 percent of the previous year's ICOs had already failed -- despite the fact that they had raised more than $104 million.

Rahul Varshneya

Corporate (Crypto) Governance: The Need To Coin A Term

Setting out a transparent playbook around the disclosure and authority of coin-specific decisions will create effective guidance for management.

ICOs Trump VC Funding! What's Driving Investors?

ICOs surpassed early stage VC funding for June and July last year sending VC investors in a tizzy

Sandeep Soni

Want to Invest in an ICO in 2018? Here's All You Need to Know

ICOs started out as a way for startups to raise funds without employing traditional methods of funding through VCs

Ravi Kikan