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OYO Dragged To NCLT, Startup Appeals Against Proceeding

The Ahmedabad bench of the tribunal admitted the insolvency plea on March 30, 2021 filed by OYO's creditor Rakhesh Yadav contending that OHHPL has defaulted on an amount of INR 16 lakh


The Proposed Changes to the IBC and its Repercussions

The resolution professional shall prepare an information memorandum for formulating a resolution plan

Money & Finance

The U.K. Industry Sectors That Are Experiencing the Most Insolvency Appointments

A constant theme running through these insolvency stories is the struggle to operate on low profit margins.

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How the Recent Changes in Insolvency Code will Benefit MSMEs

Recommendations made by the committee to the Government of India regarding the changes in bankruptcy laws

News and Trends

Two Years Since the Bankruptcy Code; How Far Has it Been Able to Bring Financial Discipline in Businesses?

The Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC/Code) ensures settlement mechanism for insolvency in a definite time period


How will the Revised Bankruptcy Code Benefit SMEs

The introduction of these changes will allow SMEs to fail faster just to subsequently grow faster