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#Six Trends that Will Disrupt the Insurance Industry for Good

The insurance industry, which is presently pegged at USD 60billion, is expected to grow four folds in the next 10 year period

The Ultimate Underwriter

Trying to utilize the online automobile insurance industry inspired this entrepreneur to see how broken the system was and deserved change

Sandeep Soni

Les Brown

Tech Startups Are Prodding the Dinosaur That Is the Insurance Industry

With a huge unmet need for insurance in the U.S., it's prime time for tech entrepreneurs to modernize the aging system.

Making Insurance buying as easy & quick as buying air tickets

Coverfox helps in bringing transparency, simplicity and ease to the process of buying insurance in India.

Investors Are Poised to Disrupt the Tech-Averse Insurance Industry

Fax machines remain a mainstay of the almost unfathomably large insurance market. The tech opportunities are immense.

Tx Zhuo