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This Job Hack to Escape Layoffs Is Gaining Popularity — But It's Divisive: 'It Altered My Brain Chemistry'

U.S. workers, especially younger generations, are considering government jobs for more security.

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You're More Likely to Get Laid Off If You Work in One of These Industries, Study Finds

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these 10 industries have the highest rates of layoffs.

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My Love Affair With Comfort and Why I Had to End It

Many who become entrepreneurs are self-starters, others need a little nudge -- still others, an ultimatum.

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Automation Is Expected to Create Jobs but Only You Can Make Sure You Get One

Prepare now to join the digital workforce before the arrival of the robotic overlords.

Starting a Business

The W-H Question You Should Ask Before Joining a Start-up

Working at a start-up may sound sexy, but is not at all easy, says this 'start-up survivor'