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Are Job Titles Losing Their Meaning? How Job-Title Inflation Could Damage Your Future Career.

When a job title is upgraded without raising the associated responsibilities and requirements, this is called job title inflation.

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Janitor, Manager or Entrepreneur? Why Your Job Title Doesn't Matter

Here are three reasons job titles don't matter when it comes to entrepreneurship — and one reason they do.

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The Wild and Wacky Job Titles of the Future

These jobs can make you laugh, lighten the mood and give insight into your company culture.

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The Weirdest Job Titles Might Also Be the Most Unpopular (Infographic)

Few people over 12 want to be a ninja (unless they're actual ninjas).


Stop Calling Yourself the 'CEO' and Start Telling People What You Do

Whatever your fancy job title, you are what your company does.


Why Job Titles Don't Always Reflect the Value of Employees

What if our job titles moved in real-time, based on the value we are adding to the business instead?


C-Suite Titles: What Kind of Havoc Might They Be Wreaking at Your Company?

Three reasons why executive titles may damage idea-sharing and team participation where you work.

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Is That Your Title or Your Entitlement?

That fancy title may not be as glorious as you expect.


You're a Real CEO When Your Company Is Bigger Than Your Title

Even if they founded the company, CEO is a pompous title for somebody supervising a handful of employees.


What's A Job Title Really Worth?

Just as the map is not the territory, the job title is not the job. Focus on the who, what, where and how of your job to discover its true value.

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Amazon Now Has 3 CEOs

You know Jeff Bezos. Now meet the others.

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Give Your Employees an Identity Worthy of Ownership

Job titles are essentially heuristics to explain one's duties. However, these titles can be reinvented and serve as profound sources of motivation.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Do Unique Titles Change the Way We See Job Roles?

Singular titles can play a part in highlighting a unique corporate culture. This can help companies find the right people and vice versa.