Latin America

Mexico, hub of fintech startups in Latin America

In Mexican territory there are more than 150 fintech startups, which are focused on the crowdfunding segment, financial education, business finance, among others.

How Cryptocurrency Will Disrupt the Banking Industry in Latin America

As Latin American countries flock to cryptocurrency, they are creating a spot for themselves in the digital global economy where cryptocurrency is a key player. 

Tony Delgado

How the Vaccine Rollout Has Faired in Latin America

While Chile has set an example for its effective distribution of the vaccine, Peru has suffered from a vaccine-related scandal involving its top politicians.

The pandemic increases inequality and poverty in Latin America

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an 8.1% drop in GDP in Latin America, overcoming the impact of the crisis in the European Union and other emerging economies.

Maradona's Inheritance: Who Will Legally Fight for His Fortune, and How Much Money Are We Talking About?

The heritage of the Argentine soccer star is incalculable, but includes real estate, investments, luxury cars and the listed rights to his image.

Soccer Legend Diego Armando Maradona Dies

One of soccer's greatest players died at the age of 60.

Facebook launches a free online course for SMEs throughout Latin America

This digitization workshop, done in collaboration with ASEM, Victoria 147, Endeavor Colombia and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Argentina, will be held on October 28 and 29.

Brazil and Mexico will have a contraction of 5.8% and 9% of their GDP respectively

and. In 2021, the economies of both countries are expected to experience a recovery: the Mexican GDP will grow by 3.5% and the Brazilian by 2.8%.

How Remote Work Presents New Data-Driven Business Opportunities in Latin America

As Latin American businesses increasingly come online, here's a look at some of the biggest opportunities to keep an eye on.

Peru Opened Machu Picchu for a Single Tourist Who Got Stuck in Lockdown

Jesse Katayama came to Peru in mid-March to see the ancient Inca site, just as the COVID-19 pandemic shut it down.

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How Company Builders Create Long-Term Value in Latin America

So-called "venture studios" may be the solution for entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

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How New Legislation in Latin America Benefits U.S. Entrepreneurs

A new 30-day payment law in Chile and laws to help bankrupt businesses signal a new era in this part of the world.

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