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I'm a Lawyer and Entrepreneur Who Went to Prison for 14 Months. Here Are 9 Tips for Hiring a White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Hiring a defense attorney is a monumental task, and most are monumentally unprepared for the effort.


Indonesian Legaltech firm Justika Raises Pre-series A Funding

Justika is a marketplace for all legal services, from legal counsel to document creation


Indian Legal Industry at the Cusp of Transformation

A number of dynamic platforms are offering custom-designed services to both lawyers and general clients through websites and mobile apps


Contactless payments or Wearables - Where Does the Future of Fintech Lie?

Payments enabled by QR code or carried out through NFC-based cards will gain popularity, says this expert


Why the Legal Sector needs Entrepreneurs

The only way we can change this failing system is when we go corporate – through the development of legal firms.

Starting a Business

Stuttering Startups: Legal Hazards You May Want To Avoid

Your future plans would depend heavily on the legal structure of your startup


"We Didn't Have Resources to Pay for High Salaries - But Found Ways to Motivate Employees"

This startup is offering legal solutions to startups the easy way

Starting a Business

The Legal Stamp!

A solution to your never-ending legal procedures and paperwork


4 Answers You Need Before Hiring Corporate Counsel for Your Company

Sound legal advice is essential, especially when you're just starting out.

Growing a Business

How a Careful Approach Led This Company to Off-the-Charts Success

Meet one of the companies on the Entrepreneur360 Index that fits in the 'Classics' category.


5 Legal Tips for Small Businesses and Startups

Don't let legal requirements slow you down.


Before You Use DIY Legal Sites, Consider These Risks

Before you add 'amateur attorney' to your job description, it's important to take a step back and consider if a DIY legal approach is really best for your business.

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Sam's Club to Offer Health Care, Payroll and Legal Services for Small Businesses

The warehouse retailer teamed with Aetna, Execupay and LegalZoom on a new suite of services for business members.


Save Time and Money, Tell Your Attorney Everything

Communication drives attorney-client relationships, but clients, perhaps fearful or simply embarrassed, are often reluctant to tell all.

Resumes & Interviewing

2014 May be the Year to Find Your Lawyer Online

New companies are making it easier, and cheaper, to connect with legal representatives.