Jeff Grant

Managing Attorney of GrantLaw, PLLC

Jeff Grant serves as a private general counsel and white collar attorney in New York, on authorized federal matters, and as co-counsel with lawyers throughout the country. An intrepid criminal justice reform advocate, Grant is a board member of the Legal Action Center, NYC.

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Resumes & Interviewing

3 Important Takeaways for Hiring Job-Seekers with Past Convictions

We can do well by doing good, so let's start by giving a second chance to those who have a conviction record.

Resumes & Interviewing

I'm a Lawyer and Entrepreneur Who Went to Prison for 14 Months. Here Are 9 Tips for Hiring a White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Hiring a defense attorney is a monumental task, and most are monumentally unprepared for the effort.


Soy un abogado y emprendedor que estuvo preso durante 14 meses. Aquí hay 9 consejos para contratar a un abogado de defensa criminal de cuello blanco.

Contratar a un abogado defensor es una tarea monumental, y la mayoría no están preparados para el esfuerzo.

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