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Starting a Business

5 Key Legal Considerations Prior to Starting a Business

All websites should have a terms of service agreement/privacy policy on their website, available for all visitors to see.


"We Didn't Have Resources to Pay for High Salaries - But Found Ways to Motivate Employees"

This startup is offering legal solutions to startups the easy way

Starting a Business

The Legal Stamp!

A solution to your never-ending legal procedures and paperwork


Before You Use DIY Legal Sites, Consider These Risks

Before you add 'amateur attorney' to your job description, it's important to take a step back and consider if a DIY legal approach is really best for your business.

Science & Technology

This App Wants to Help Get Rid of Your Parking Tickets

Got a parking ticket? This new app disputes your tickets so you don't have to.

Social Media

Employees' Facebook Pages Are Private, Until They're Not

New York court ruling muddies the waters surrounding what employers can and cannot demand of their employees' social media activities.


Rocket Lawyer: Cutting Out Small Business Attorneys' Fees

For forms and quick answers to burning legal questions, Rocket Lawyer is a good resource. But you might want to skip the professional package -- and the service fees.