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Lithium's Rising Star: How One Founder Is Revolutionizing the $546B Battery Industry

EnergyX says its breakthrough tech can extract 300% more lithium than today's methods, attracting attention from General Motors and the U.S. Dept. of Energy.

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The No. 1 Reason Why This New Battery Tech Will Make Traditional Batteries Obsolete…

Learn the surprising truth behind the battery industry's big secret.

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Ola CEO Advocates Building Alternate Lithium Supply Chains To Prevent Dependence On China

Bhavish Aggarwal recommends that the country develops two sources for the mineral, partner with other countries and localize the primary requirement of lithium

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Ola Electric Unveils Indigenous Lithium-Ion Cell

The company, reportedly, has also invested $100 million in the research and development of its lithium-ion battery cells

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Metastable Materials Raises Undisclosed Amount In Pre-Seed Funding

The fund will be utilized to build Lithium-ion battery supply chain infrastructure and team, operations, infrastructure expansion


Government's Move On EV Battery Safety a Much-needed Move: Log9 Materials' Pankaj Sharma

Despite having 300-plus battery manufacturers in the country, startups that look after the thermal management system of the batteries in India are non-existent

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Toyota Announces Plans for $1.3 Billion US Battery Plant, Expects to Employ 1,750 Workers

Toyota announced it will invest $3.4 billion in automotive batteries in the United States.


Make In India: Accelerating EV Growth From Within

It may be convenient to rely upon China to provide lithium-ion battery cells and battery packs to support our electric and climate goals in the near-term, but we do so at our own peril. It is our future. Just as China has, we must assume responsibility for ourselves.


Can Focusing on Vehicle Electronics And Technology Help EV Players Achieve Localization?

While raw materials such as lithium needs to be imported from other countries due to lack of reserves in India, the technology to process and build batteries can be achieved in India

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Switching the Gear of EVs' Infrastructure

EV developers to get freehand to choose the kind of technology and installations required for electric vehicles.


Are EVs as Environment Friendly as they are Claimed to be

Electric vehicles have been called sustainable and more eco friendly as compared to diesel or hybrid vehicles. Are they actually reducing the carbon footprint from the vehicles


How This 2011 Brand is Giving New Dimensions to The Motor Vehicles Industry

Electric three wheeler and bike maker Gayam Motor Works (GMW) has developed swappable lithium-ion batteries for rickshaws which can be replaced in less than a minute.