Switching the Gear of EVs' Infrastructure

EV developers to get freehand to choose the kind of technology and installations required for electric vehicles.

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Electric vehicles are becoming the major priority for Indian government in a bid to address the environmental issues. They are clean and better alternative to traditional vehicles. Government is developing the infrastructure for electric vehicles so their demand increases among the people. Lack of charging stations and high price are some factors which don't attract customers towards these vehicles. According to media reports, the government has decided to modify the guidelines for electric vehicles charging stations.


As compared to ICE vehicles which have a widespread refueling infrastructure, a similar structure for EVs is not widespread. There are many startups like Sun mobility, Ola electric and many more are working towards creating convenient refueling infrastructure which is faster, and cheaper.

Importance of Effective Electric Vehicle Charging System

Electric vehicles need effective and dedicated charging systems to attract buyers. The fact that EVs do not emit carbon dioxide or other toxic gases they do have other issues. Although they can reduce the amount of pollution from fossil fuels and is a better technology than ICE vehicle. As the demand for EVs will rise so will the demand on electrical grid. Government plans to achieve high penetration of electric vehicles on roads by 203o. Effective EV charging system will increase the buyers and switch towards cleaner and fuel free vehicle will benefit the environment.

EV Charging Infrastructure in India

Government has decided to give developers of electric vehicles in India to choose the technology to be installed for planned infrastructure of EVS. According to the current norms it is mandatory for public charging stations to install both Europe's CCS and Japan's CHAdeMO charging platforms. Now govt has realized this makes it an unattractive business model for charging station developers and has decided to let investors choose from the available technologies.

According to media reports, a govt official said it is the right time to encourage electric vehicles charging infrastructure and make it more economical. Infrastructure guidelines require one charging station to be set up every three km in cities and every 25 km on both sides of highways. A market driven approach should be taken to increase the sales of electric vehicles and encourage investors to invest in this business.