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Democrats Must Resist Pressure If They Hope to Create a Fairer Tax Code

Our current tax code punishes some businesses, like brick-and-mortar retailers, while rewarding the biggest and wealthiest companies.

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#7 Steps To Advocate Trade Policies

Economists have had a massive collision on trade policy, and they offer a sturdy foundation for free trade and for elimination of trade blockades. Though the intention of a trade accord is to ease up trade, the actual supplies are heavily shaped by conjugal and global political realities


Google Lobbyists Rally as States Consider Restrictions on 'Glass'

Google has deployed lobbyists to argue restrictions on wearing Glass while driving proposed by officials in Illinois, Delaware and Missouri.

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Tech Giants Throw More Money Than Ever at Washington Lobbyists

New figures suggest that lobby spending by tech leaders like Google and Facebook amounted to a massive $61 million in 2013.