Luxury Consumer

The Pandemic Gave Luxury Brands a New Code of Conduct

A new type of shopping experience defines post-pandemic luxury retail.

Why a Luxury Manager Needs a Combination of Substance and Style

A career in the luxury industry requires a diverse set of talents and skills to succeed.

How to Launch a High-End Small Business

Building an iconic brand requires an in-depth understanding of the luxury consumer mindset.

Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Pricing for a Luxury Design Startup

Extreme value is the goal of luxury brands and it must reflect in their pricing strategy.

How and Why Luxury Brands Should Embrace TikTok

Luxury brands can no longer ignore this burgeoning giant.

The Executive Selection: Issey Miyake

The House pays homage to the key role of typography in the brand's visual identity.

The Uber-Secretive Private Jet Company Hollywood Has on Speed Dial

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The Oracles

How Can Hospitality Brands Maintain Brand Stability

Herein lies the most important lesson – trends will come and go but exceptional service standards will never go out of style.

Get Luxurious With Ola

With Ola, riders can now book a luxury car at a minimum fare of Rs. 200 and just Rs. 19 per/km

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