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Roaring Kitty Is Back on Social Media — and Meme Stock GameStop Is Soaring

Keith Gill's return to social media after a three-year break sent r/wallstreetbets into a frenzy.

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Reddit Offered 75,000 Users the Chance to Preregister for Shares Before Its IPO. The Reactions Were Pure Reddit.

Some users have deemed Reddit a "meme stock," a term that ironically originated on the platform.

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Spirit Airlines Is the Latest Meme Stock Amid 131% Spike

The drama first unfolded last week, when a court blocked JetBlue's proposed $3.8 billion takeover of Spirit Airlines due to concerns about competition within the airline industry.


9 Ways Memes Can Rev Up Your Business Marketing

Memes are here to stay. Brands are growing engagement with well-timed meme-marketing strategies.

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Netflix Documentary 'Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga' Explains the Meme Stock Saga That Cost Wall Street $20 Billion

The documentary talks to key players and experts about the social media movement that upended Wall Street.