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Roaring Kitty Is Back on Social Media — and Meme Stock GameStop Is Soaring Keith Gill's return to social media after a three-year break sent r/wallstreetbets into a frenzy.

By George Glover

Key Takeaways

  • Keith Gill posted on X for the first time in nearly three years on Sunday.
  • Gill, better known as Roaring Kitty, was the face of GameStop's surprise surge in 2021.
  • The meme stock skyrocketed ahead of the bell as his return sent WallStreetBets into a frenzy.
Roaring Kitty/YouTube via Business Insider
Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

The face of the GameStop frenzy is back on social media.

Keith Gill posted on X for the first time in nearly three years on Sunday, sending the meme stock sharply higher and sparking excitement on the Wall Street Bets subreddit.

Gill, known as Roaring Kitty on X and YouTube and u/DeepFuckingValue on Reddit, made headlines in January 2021 when his bullish analyses of GameStop triggered a short squeeze.

He later told the House Financial Services Committee that he was "not a cat," and was one of the main characters in the 2023 film "Dumb Money," in which he was played by Paul Dano of "The Batman" fame.

It's unclear exactly what is signified by Gill's cryptic X post of a sketch showing a man leaning forward in his chair.

Nevertheless Gill's return still sent r/wallstreetbets, whose users piled into meme stocks like GameStop, AMC, and Bed Bath & Beyond during the pandemic, into a frenzy.

One post about Gill on the forum had 1,700 comments shortly before 8 a.m. ET, with users joking that his return was similar to Paul Atreides fulfilling his destiny as the Lisan al Gaib in "Dune," and sharing GIFs of an ecstatic Vince McMahon.

"Roaringkitty is back," the forum's official account said in a follow-up post on X.

GameStop shares also skyrocketed in Monday's premarket. The stock was up 38% at last check, in a surge that will add about $2 billion to the struggling retailer's value if it holds up until the opening bell. AMC's stock also jumped 11%.

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