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How I Put My Mental Health First (and How You Can Too)

I am not a doctor, but I am someone who has personally overcome what may seem insurmountable. I know that for many the first step is the hardest one to take, and my hope with this post is that it encourages people to take that step.

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Robin Uthappa Spreading Health and Happiness With Tech Startup HealthEMinds

The Indian Cricketer has invested an undisclosed amount in Bangalore-based healthcare startup HealthEmind

Health & Wellness

Mental Illness Is the Internal Weakness SWOT Analysis Overlooks

The relentless demands of business blurs the boundary between the thrilling competition and toxic stress.


When Selling Your Company for $2.5 Billion Leads to Depression

Are you waiting for that big payday to come? Think you'll finally find joy, fulfillment and contentment? Probably not.

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This New iPad App May Help People With Schizophrenia

Scientists at Cambridge University said the game improves memory and learning.