New shepard

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Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Aims to Build Massive Commercial Space Station

The industrial and commercial hub, called Orbital Reef, should be operational by the late 2020s.


Blue Origin de Jeff Bezos tiene como objetivo construir una enorme estación espacial comercial

El centro industrial y comercial, llamado Orbital Reef, debería estar operativo a fines de la década de 2020.

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There Are Very Solid Engineering Reasons Why Jeff Bezos' Rocket Looks Exactly Like, You Know, That

The suborbital rocket has a domed, wide capsule on top for passengers - giving it a phallic profile.

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X-Rated Adult Toy Making Fun of Bezos' Rocket Ship Garners Cheeky Response From Elon Musk

A PR pitch email was reportedly making its rounds on Tuesday offering adult toys shaped like Bezos' New Shepard rocket ship.