X-Rated Adult Toy Making Fun of Bezos' Rocket Ship Garners Cheeky Response From Elon Musk A PR pitch email was reportedly making its rounds on Tuesday offering adult toys shaped like Bezos' New Shepard rocket ship.

By Emily Rella

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Elon Musk is known to be controversial when it comes to his antics on Twitter, so all eyes were on the billionaire following longtime rival Jeff Bezos' journey to space.

Musk tweeted out a simple "Best of luck tomorrow!" to Bezos' space exploration company, Blue Origin, on Monday night ahead of the flight.

Tuesday afternoon, Musk sent a simple "Congrats!" to the Blue Origin account in response to a video of the New Shepard rocket ship landing in the West Texas desert.

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But Musk wasn't letting Bezos win the space race against him without a jab — and it came in the form of commentary on an X-rated company capitalizing on the design of Bezos' ship.

The account SciGuySpace tweeted out what appears to be a PR pitch on behalf of adult entertainment company CamSoda that claims it will begin selling rocket-themed adult toys inspired by the phallic shape of Bezos' rocket ship.

2021, what a time to be alive.

"The world couldn't help but notice the phallic shaped rocket [Bezos] was in," the pitch says, including a joke that the billionaire's rocket "penetrated the o-zone."

Editor in Chief of Hyperallergic, Hrag Vartanian, also shared a screenshot of the new toys which names are all sexual innuendos pertaining to Bezos, Musk and Bransons' space exploration company names, respectfully.

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Huffpost Personal editor Noah Michelson also confirmed that the pitch was real, saying that he received an email with the same subject heading.

"I think I'm going to bed because obviously today needs to be over right now," he joked.

Musk chimed in with one word in response that just said it all: "Nice."

Though he might be a man of few words, Musk is seasoned at sly but subtle responses that pack a punch.

"It's amazing how no matter how advanced humans become there's always that sophomoric level of adolescent humor about all things sexual," one user replied to Musk. "So complex yet so simple."

"Are you sad that you didn't think of this first," another asked Musk. "Could you just imagine how well a "Boring Company' branded dildo would sell."

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This follows the Internet's many memes and jokes yesterday claiming that Bezos' rocket ship looked like a rather specific body part.

Musk's own space exploration company, SpaceX, is aiming to send its Starship vehicle to Mars and back within the next six months.

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