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How to Create a Good Digital Workplace: Steps You Can Take Right Now

The mass telework situation is still something new for the leadership, who even have doubts about how to make the transition to the hybrid model.

Amazon punishes its delivery men for checking their side mirrors while driving or if another car passes them

Amazon's AI cameras penalize delivery drivers for driving habits such as checking mirrors, yielding to other vehicles and even adjusting the radio.

Thomson Reuters opens places for IT professionals in CDMX

The company details the profiles sought for its Shared Services Center.

Almost half of Mexicans prefer a hybrid work scheme, according to LinkedIn

The new report of the platform analyzes the perception of Mexican professionals about the future of work.

LinkedIn MX

How can employer branding benefit your business?

Building a strong employer brand can represent a competitive advantage for a company.

Do you want to work in a tech company? These are the skills they are looking for

The demand for job profiles with technical and digital skills is growing and therefore talent is becoming one of the most difficult to find.

Learn 5 Leonardo Da Vinci Strategies To Persuade Recruiters With Your CV

Although many companies apply Artificial Intelligence to collate applications, human review is more essential than ever to detect key factors.

Daniel Colombo

Automated HR Help Desk: A One-stop Solution for Support Services

Implementing an automated HR Help desk enables employees to get their HR issues resolved within seconds.

Saurabh Kumar

They are the 25 best CEOs in Mexico in 2021

Great Place to Work Mexico recognized the best CEOs in the country.

Watch Out for These 5 Artificial Intelligence Problems in HR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can truly relieve some of the hiring and evaluation burdens of HR. But, there are several areas where it's just not ready to take the place of actual humans.

John Boitnott

What is hybrid work (And why do people think of quitting if you don't offer it)

Four out of 10 employees think about leaving their job if their company does not offer them this option.

Maya Dadoo

What is 'Peer Mentoring' and what is its value within startups

An invaluable knowledge for entrepreneurs, rarely found in books or courses