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Prioritizing DEI Is the Secret to Future-Proofing Your Business

Despite the recent Supreme Court decision and what might seem the prevailing wind of a diversity, equity and inclusion rollback, savvy entrepreneurs aren't just keeping these programs vigorous but broadening them using quantitative analysis and other tools.

Growing a Business

Is Your Relentless Pursuit of Efficiency Actually Hurting Your Business? Here's How to Tell When You're Taking Productivity Too Far.

A fanatical eye to the leanest and most productive systems can sometimes have diminishing returns.

Operations & Logistics

HR Teams Need AI to Unlock Organizational Success — But There's One Thing Holding Them Back.

In the race for organizational success, HR's role is pivotal. With AI innovation at the forefront, why the hesitation? Let's explore the reasons behind it and how to embrace AI intelligently.

Operations & Logistics

Employee Benefit Costs Are Increasing. It's Time for Employers to Fight Back.

We are witnessing historic increases in healthcare costs. Here are new strategies for managing expenditures.

Growth Strategies

KSA-Based HR Tech Platform Jisr Raises US$30 Million In The Middle East's Largest Series A Round For A SaaS Firm

Launched in 2016, Jisr has ensured that over 3,000 clients have combined all their HR operations into its singular HR tech platform.

Business News

What Is the 'Coffee Cup Test'? Watch Out For This Tricky Interview Trend.

Some people find this recent hiring trend impractical, while others think it's a sign of character. Either way, here's what you should know about it.

Operations & Logistics

4 Critical HR Mistakes Companies Make That Hurt Their Growth

Business success relies on a strong foundation in human resources. Learn these four common missteps that companies make that can get in the way of reaching their full potential.

Resumes & Interviewing

10 Ways to Show You're Ready For a Promotion With Your Resume

Are you eyeing that next step up the corporate ladder with a better title and a fatter paycheck? If so, it's time to spotlight your leadership skills and growth trajectory.


Follow The Leader: Dena Almansoori, Founder And CEO, Whitebox HR, And Group Chief Human Resources Officer, e&

As the first female C-suite executive at e&, and one of the youngest in its history, Almansoori was given the mandate to transform the enterprise.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

The Newest Workplace Trend Has HR Sounding The Alarm

HR departments are still figuring out how to handle "quiet quitting," but a new trend is taking over.

Operations & Logistics

This Department Might Be Holding Your Business Back. Here's How to Change That.

Human resources has become too often disconnected from the bottom line. Here's how to deftly integrate the two to address 21st-century challenges.

Operations & Logistics

5 Ways HR Can Drive Success In Today's Turbulent Times

Practical suggestions on how HR teams can adapt to help their companies succeed in an era of AI, uneasy economic conditions and limited budgets

Starting a Business

"We Got Funded!" Dubai-Based HR-Tech Platform Alfii Raises US$2.5 Million In A Pre-Seed Funding Round

At its core, Alfii is a platform that aims to reduce the mundanity and time-consuming nature of administrative HR processes for SMEs and startups.

Operations & Logistics

Why a Solid HR Infrastructure is a Must-Have for Business Growth

HR may not be top priority for entrepreneurs as they work to grow their business. That should not be the case. HR is an essential component that will be the foundation for a more robust growth path.

Operations & Logistics

Good Customer Service is a Disappearing Art — Here's How You Can Be Different

Don't underestimate the power of human interaction.