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Science & Technology

The Benefits and Drawbacks of AI Integration in HR Departments

See how AI is reshaping HR departments, revolutionizing processes, and driving enhanced efficiency in the workplace.

Operations & Logistics

The Delicate Dance Every HR Person Must Master

Practice the steps needed to balance the push and pull of human resources and become a star!


Empowering HR Leaders to be Change Makers

The new normal of work has rendered traditional 9–5 office shifts obsolete, ushering in an era of flexibility, convenience, and hybrid working. This makes it critical for HR leaders to build an environment wherein employees WANT TO work in – rather than HAVE TO work in.


Why Organizations Must Take a More Modern Approach to HR — and How to Do It

HR teams need to evolve by taking a modern, employee-centric approach to HR. Here's why and how to do it.

Operations & Logistics

3 Tips to Ensure Your HR Department is Properly Empowered to Protect Your Employees and Business

By hiring the right HR staff, establishing clear protocols, and never hesitating to fire toxic employees, you can protect your people and your business from harm.


Thriving in Uncertainty: Unlocking the Power of HR

Join our free webinar and learn strategies to empower employees during economic uncertainty.


The Key to Retaining Your Employees Is Right Under Your Nose

Retention will be the name of the game in 2023 — and the best way to ensure that employees stick around is to invest in initiatives that facilitate fulfilling work experiences.

Operations & Logistics

Answering HR's 2 Most Important Questions: Why Do People Join Your Company and Why Do They Leave?

The HR experience really boils down to these two questions, and the answers are far from simple.

Growth Strategies

Tips To Engage And Retain The Best Candidates In The Recruitment Process

The role of a Human Resources (HR) professional can vary depending on the organization and the specific job title.

Growing a Business

Get an Elite Employee Engagement Tool for Less Than $30

A lifetime of this top HR tool is now just $29.

News and Trends

The New Phase Of Hiring: Trends We Can Expect In 2023

The future of work is on a completely different trajectory than it used to be during the past decades, and recruitment is one of the primary business functions that have to match this trajectory for businesses to thrive

Operations & Logistics

Does Your HR Department Have Too Much Influence? Here's How to Tell, and How to Fix It.

This case study will teach you what to look for and how to ensure your business is being steered by the collective management team, not the HR department acting in isolation.


The EaaS Explorer

Established in 2019, is working towards creating a community and an ecosystem where tech-based companies can build remote-quality software engineering teams in 72 hours

Starting a Business

UAE-Based Tech Startup Alfii Launches With A Private Beta Program Aimed At Solving HR Issues For Small Businesses

By adopting a human approach to its operations, Alfii is on a mission to negate the many mundane and repetitive tasks that largely contribute to the inefficiencies of HR teams across the region.

Operations & Logistics

Why You Need to Look at HR Data the Way You Look at Your Finances

People are a company's greatest asset, and it's time for HR departments to follow finance's lead in sharing key information with owners/managers.