Human Resources


What Your Salary Says About You

A look at some of the commonly believed myths about compensation.
Rent the Runway

What's Sparking the Mass Exodus at Rent the Runway?

In the last 10 months, the popular dress-rental startup has lost seven top executives.
Inspiring Your Team

The One Question This Fitness Star Asks Potential Hires

A simple answer can reveal if a candidate is a perfect fit.
Inspiring Your Team

Startup CEOs Reveal the 1 Question They Ask Every Job Candidate

What's the most important question to ask during a job interview? These startup pros weigh in and explain why.

3 Tips for Managing a Boss You Don't Even Like

You could quit but why give them the satisfaction?

5 Ways to Turbo Charge Onboarding at the Dawn of a New Hire's Tenure

Use personalization to tailor the first few weeks of an employee's time at your company, and you'll be surprised at the level of lasting achievement.
Performance Reviews

4 Ways to Avoid the Worthless Annual Performance Review and Give Valuable Feedback

It's time to change how we evaluate performance. Try implementing these practices right away.

Give the Gift of Time With a Family Leave Policy

Companies need to help get a child and parent off to a healthy start -- because they'll never have that opportunity again.
Inspiring Your Team

You Can Get Better Job Candidates by Not Relying on These 3 Sources

If you're having trouble finding and keeping quality employees, maybe it's time to take a closer look at where your applicants are coming from.
Employee Compensation

3 Reasons You Should Increase Employee Pay Now

An increase to the minimum wage has already become law in several cities, and a federal bill is under review. But there are benefits to taking action ahead of any mandates.
Inspiring Your Team

4 Ways to Tell If Job Candidates Are Telling the Truth

Even though the interview process is designed to vet job candidates and find out what they can really do for a company, there are still ways for fibs or little exaggerations to get through.
Human Resources

3 HR Trends That Are Becoming Best Practices

Companies increasingly bring human resources into strategic discussions.

How This Company Is Helping Businesses Find Zen in Human Resource Paperwork

Zenefits benefits-management software might be a busy entrepreneur's best friend -- but is it a benefits provider's worst nightmare?

5 Ways to Help Employees Make the Best Use of Benefits

Ample benefits are a lure to top talent, yet research shows employees often don't take full advantage of what's offered.
Inspiring Your Team

4 Ways to Entice Departing Talent to Return

The day that employee you wish hadn't quit leaves is the best time to begin wooing her back.
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