Business Valuation

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What Every Founder Needs to Know About the Valuation Gap Between Entrepreneurs and Investors

For founders to most effectively bridge the valuation gap between themselves and investors, they must establish trust through the following four approaches.

Thought Leaders

Exit Planning for Modern Leaders: How to Determine Your Company's Worth

A proactive approach to help you profit the most when it's time to move on.

Thought Leaders

5 Key Steps to Increase the Value of Your Business

A successful business is built on solid systems and positive cashflow. What steps do you need to start taking today?

Growth Strategies

Always Keep Your Eye On Your Business's Value

No one owns a car forever. At some point, it changes hands. The same applies to your business – at some point, one way or another, it will change hands. Why then do entrepreneurs lose sight of the resale value of their business?

Growth Strategies

Know Your Business's Worth

The true and ever-changing value of your business is one of the most important numbers to have on hand at almost every stage of your business' development.

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APAC Startups that Joined the Unicorn Club in 2018

While most startups that reached the one-billion mark are from the US, China was a competitive contender attaining the second position

Growing a Business

Why Valuing Your Business Can Enhance Its Value

Valuing your company gives you insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the business.


How The "Swiss Dual System" is Changing Education in India

The company is programming new skills to improve education standards in India


The Valuation Game: What Really Happens?

Zomato's valuation, for instance quadrupled in 2014 to $600 million and further jumped to unicorn status in 2015.

Business News

Listen to Warren Buffett and Find Out This One Thing About Your Business

Why is business valuation so overlooked?

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Is Your Business Approaching 409A Valuations the Right Way?

These valuations are a pain, but they're necessary if you're issuing common stock, stock options or any other form of non-qualified deferred compensation.

Growth Strategies

Business Valuation Is Not Just A Number, It's A Story

Seldom do business owners spend time and resources to dig in deeper to see the bigger picture for their entities.

Money & Finance

Why Not Knowing Your Business's Worth Could Cost You Millions

Big data makes it easier for small businesses to get accurate valuations.

Growth Strategies

It's the Best Time for Any Startup to Fulfill Their Dreams

Many investors value startups based on the number of the startups investors want or need.

Thought Leaders

Just Who, Exactly, Is Best Qualified to Value Your Business?

Prepare to be surprised by the variety of experts to ask and answers to consider when you want to know a reasonable price for what you've built.