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Focus On Needs Not Just Wants

Reaching Rs 100 crore, this startup's founder will tell you how to control the valuation bubble.


"I was close to shutting down Flipkart in 2012"

Scripting his entrepreneurial journey, Bansal underwent his fair share of distress.

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Zomato's Devaluation is Just Another Warning to Ailing Food Tech Space

Industry appreciates Deepinder Goyal's fearless and prompt contradiction to brokerage's report

News and Trends

Valuations That Are – Valuations That Will Be : A VC To Stock Market Transformation

Anil K. Gupta talks about various concerns over valuations in India.

Growth Strategies

Growth To Continue, But Valuations Investors Are Willing To Ascribe To That Growth Have Changed

The crack in the spiral in valuations was triggered by the weakness in the China market starting back in August 2015.


What Markdowns And Lower Valuations Mean For The Indian Startup Space?

If there are a billion dollars being invested every year, we need to see billion dollars in exits as well.

Growth Strategies

Streamlining Documents for Better Business Processing

Documents are as essential to businesses as the people who are part of it.

Buying / Investing in Business

A Startup Is Like a Home Still Being Built. Don't Value it at Next Year's Dream Market Price When Pitching an Angel Investor.

Serious investors want to know about your new venture's real revenue, team strength, registered intellectual property and other important elements.

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This Father-and-Son Cyber Security Firm Is Now Valued at $3.5 Billion

The company, founded in 2007, raised $120 million in its latest funding round.

Money & Finance

5 Tips to Getting an Accurate Valuation

There are some guidelines to consider that can steer you toward the right valuation number-and set you on the road to growth.

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Trouble for Tesla? Stock Falls on Analyst Concerns.

Some suggest the electric car company's shares had risen for the wrong reasons.

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Understanding a Business Valuation

Knowing what exactly a business valuation is as well as its components isn't easy. Here's a straightforward rundown.

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A Mindset Tune-Up for a Profitable Exit Strategy

Some simple shifts in thinking can help you attract buyers and move toward a profitable deal.

Money & Finance

Selling Your Business at Your Price

No matter what valuation method you choose, plan your exit strategy for your company far in advance.

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Aaron Levie on Box's $1 Billion Valuation and Solving the World's 'Unsexy' Problems

From college dropout to enterprise-software wunderkind, the CEO of Box dishes about working with Mark Cuban and his top success tips.