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IKEA India Chief is Finding it Tough to Build a Store in India. Here's Why

Globally, India stands at 3 percent of the total Ikea sourcing which constitutes 350mn Euros worth of resource

Just Look at the Consumer to Build Innovative Products, Services

Often there is a bias in entrepreneurs' minds about the idea or the product that is going to work in the market
Intellectual Property

Startups Must Shrug Off their Pessimism about IPRs

IPRs if used wisely and effectively can be a tremendous economic and business asset for the startups

How a Minimum Viable Product Can Make Or Break Startups

They should only focus on the solution, customer pain point, and processes.
Social Media Marketing

The Right Social Media Strategies Can Help Entrepreneurs Leapfrog

The influencer feels that entrepreneurs should strike the right cord by deploying strategies that create a buzz on social media and generate interest among more and more people
Union Budget 2018-19

Local Entrepreneurs Glee as Imports of Mobiles and LED TV gets Expensive

The move is going to provide a fillip to the government's pet Make in India campaign to boost domestic manufacturing

"If Ratan Tata Can Be a VC, So Can Other PSUs"

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan highlights the initiatives taken by the current government to encourage more start-ups in the oil exploration and production sector

The One Who Streamlined Nature's Basket Through Her Vast Experience

Under her leadership, the company is witnessing steady positive double-digit growth of 25 per cent.

How This Man's 'Golden' Idea Changed the Course of Indian Banking Industry

Today, this company has expanded to over 1,600 branches in the north, east and western regions of the country and has over 4,500 branches across India and abroad

"Fintech Can Be a Threat Only If Google or WhatsApp Enter The Space"

"Bank of India plans to lend money to start-ups at the seed level. The financial flow will increase only after they start to grow," says G. Padmanabhan, Chairman, Bank of India
start-up kick-off

Innovative Ideas That Captivated Investors

Among all start-ups, Hemant Arora's Startup India Entertainers captivated the mind of the investors for his idea of creating an online platform that has a potential of global exposure for artists

Functionality of the Product Matters Most For This Brand

Just as people adapt to cultural shifts, so must brands. Those need to be re-engineered to keep up with changing consumer habits.
Other Side

This Entrepreneur is Sailing the Passionate Life

I like being outdoor, especially on the beaches.
Family Businesses

Families Need to Find their own Answer to Professionalize Business

Marico Chairman gave #6 tips on running family businesses.

Gender Agnostic Fintech Space Inducting More Women Entrepreneurs

"I think fin-tech will be even more gender agnostic in going forward."