Elisette Carlson

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder of SMACK! Media

Elisette Carlson is the Founder of SMACK! Media, a Boutique Branding, Digital, Marketing and Public Relation(ship)s® Agency that helps brands achieve relevance and win in the health, wellness and nutrition markets. She puts ultimate value on personal relationships, teamwork and authenticity.



7 Reasons Why Critical Decisions Require In Person Connection

We are human beings with emotions, passions and goals. When it comes to making big decisions, here's why the integrity of a handshake, the power of looking someone in the eye or the connection of sharing a meal or drink with someone cannot happen over a virtual call.

Health & Wellness

8 Best Health and Wellness Podcasts to Learn the Latest Science in Nutrition, Fitness and Mental Wellness

These podcasts offer the latest tips to help us eat better, exercise smarter, be happier and live a more optimal life.

Growing a Business

How These CPG Experts Use Psychology to Boost Sales and Repeat Purchases

The co-founders of Smashbrand explain how they use consumer testing, data, and science to drive success for CPG brands.


9 Tendencias de Relaciones Públicas y Marketing Digital para 2022

Las formas más efectivas de generar conciencia, ventas y resultados para su marca.


9 Public-Relations and Digital-Marketing Trends for 2022

The most effective ways to drive awareness, sales and results for your brand.


Cómo estas 3 mujeres CEO están impulsando el cambio y la igualdad en el lugar de trabajo para las madres que trabajan

Los estudios muestran que el 42% de las madres trabajadoras admiten el agotamiento. Así es como los directores ejecutivos están devolviendo a las mujeres a la fuerza laboral.

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