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Speaking multiple languages is not a setback: It is your secret weapon.

Sofia Laurell

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After over a decade of working from home, I've learned the secrets to a successful work-from-home routine. Here are some tips to sprinkle the fairy dust throughout your day.

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4 Expert-Backed Strategies for Improving Your Communication Skills

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With these training tips, your employees can be more engaged, prepared and set up for success.

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While micromanagement works for some people, most of the time, it's just better to avoid it altogether.

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Establish the groundwork for a long-lasting, successful relationship with your investors and board.

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To lead a business well, one hour daily is essential to maintain energy, focus and effectiveness.

Ken Gosnell

The Pros and Cons of a Co-CEO Model

In this retrospective, I share my experience as a co-CEO and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this management approach.

The (Good) "Caught Red-Handed" Management Culture

To become a successful business leader, you require many attributes. We can find these attributes in everyday life. Here are a couple of my snapshot lessons.

Chris Bijou