Nika White

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
President & CEO

Dr. Nika White is a national authority and fearless advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion.


Growing a Business

6 Ways You Could Be Committing 'Time Theft' Against Your Minority Employees

The traditional definition of time theft is related to the modern "quiet quitting" movement in that it puts the focus of bad behavior on employees who "steal" time from businesses. But have you considered the myriad of ways employers steal time from employees?


Kanye West's Ugly Brand Breakups Expose Risks of Partnering With Public Figures. Don't Overlook These DEI Red Flags to Avoid The Same Fate.

If the idea of working with a public figure triggers a gut check with members of your team because of the person's past comments and actions, reconsider whether you want your brand to be connected to that person.


How Leaders Can Support and Embrace The Untapped Potential of Neurodiverse Talent

What can we do as entrepreneurs and business owners to support neurodiverse folks in the workplace? Include them in our DEI plans.

Thought Leaders

4 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Lead With Compassion

If we can't develop a sense of compassion for ourselves and others, how can we make a more diverse, inclusive and equitable world?

Thought Leaders

6 Ways to Offer Allyship to Black Entrepreneurs

Black entrepreneurs still struggle to find funding and feel embraced by the general entrepreneur community. In honor of Black National Business Month, here are six ways you can offer allyship to Black entrepreneurs this month and beyond.

Operations & Logistics

Committed to Equity and Inclusion in HR? Change These Two Policies.

If an organization seeks to retain an engaged workforce, an equitable approach to re-entering the workplace is required.

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