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The Person Who Caught Aaron Judge's 62nd Home Run Ball Could Be on the Cusp of an Entrepreneurial Journey — If They Play Their Cards Right

Aaron Judge has beat Roger Maris for the single-season home run record. The lucky fan who caught the ball might get a huge payday if they follow these tips.


El aficionado que atrapó la pelota del histórico home run #62 de Aaron Judge tendría que pagar muchos impuestos

0Corey Youmans, el aficionado que atrapó la pelota del HR 62 de Aaron Judge tendría que desembolsar hasta $720 millones de dólares si esta se vende.


The Hardest Part of Shifting From World Series Champ to Entrepreneur, According to Mark Teixeira

Ninety-mile-per-hour fastballs? No problem. Meeting cancellations? That's another story.

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As John Oliver Pointed Out, the Yankees Could Use a Little Lesson in Humility -- and Customer Loyalty

Those running the elite -- and very expensive -- Legends Club at Yankee Stadium learned a lesson last week too.


10 Wise Observations From Derek Jeter to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Greatness is being good as a person, not just being good just at what you do.