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How Getting Scammed Created the Best AI Tool for Digital Asset Research

Vijay Pravin was sitting on his sofa, head in hands, defeated. It was the 2021 NFT bull market, he'd invested in a number of collections that turned out to be fraudulent, and they soon plummeted in value.

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Amid Tax Regulations and Market Volatility, WazirX Shuts Down Its NFT Marketplace

"We regret to announce that the WazirX NFT Marketplace has been sunsetted. We are proud to have launched India's first NFT Marketplace in June 2021, which showcased the work of many creators. Unfortunately, it did not gain much traction," the official statement read

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Why NFTs Will Shape the Future of Gaming

Traditional games monetize by perpetuating a flow of value where players invest their time and money, only to increase the profits retained by game developers. Conversely, NFTs enable players to capture the value they create within the ecosystem.

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Here's What All Game Developers Need To Know Before Launching Their Own NFT Marketplace

NFTs have revolutionized the gaming industry, presenting a unique opportunity for game developers to build their own NFT marketplace. But what should they consider before taking the plunge?