Jitender Bhagat



Pioneering the Future of Connectivity: The Wireless Engineer Transforming Industries Through Innovation

Based on the 5G Economy study, it is anticipated that the full economic impact of 5G will materialize by 2035 potentially facilitating the production of up to $13.1 trillion worth of goods and services globally.


Decoding success: 5 Key Insights From A Principal Software Engineer's Journey

The market of innovative IT solutions in sales and marketing is experiencing exponential growth. Businesses must invest more resources and time to create products that appeal to audiences across different countries. It's also crucial to recognize the needs of customers.


Building Bridges in the Digital Age: How Technology Can Reimagine Alumni Engagement and Fundraising

The landscape of higher education is undergoing a seismic shift. Campuses that once thrived on bustling quads and face-to-face interactions are now grappling with a geographically dispersed alumni base, all connected by the invisible threads of the digital world.

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Breaking Boundaries: How One Leader Envisions the Union of Technology and Wellness

Simran Kaur, a leader in the healthcare industry, is redefining success and happiness by integrating her predictive medicine expertise with her passion for ancient healing practices

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How Justin Jin Created a Behemoth Media Organization

Justin Muen Jin, CEO of Poybo Media Group, talks about his unintended rise to leading the behemoth digital media brand shaping youth culture

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Blue Tea Achieves INR 5 Crore In Monthly Revenue Following Feature On Shark Tank India

The brand focuses on Ayurvedic principles, offering natural flower-based herbal teas and caffeine-free options

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