India's Gratitude To the NGOs Battling the COVID-19

In these times, NGOs are not just providing the medicine and cure and stopping the victims from dying, it is also about keeping the non-diseased alive

#6 Indian Start-ups Who Are Helping the Community Battle Covid-19

Meet six Indian startups that have been working tirelessly in the field of technology and healthcare in efforts to create new innovations for staying healthy and safe in the battle against pandemic Coronavirus

Human Solidarity In Navigating COVID-19 Uncertainty

If only we were more cognizant of our mortality and the mighty Earth and its underlying self-corrective mechanisms, we would have perhaps been more prepared for this situation.

This Organization Helps Women Become Entrepreneurs

AROHA entered the capacity building space with the aim of striking a balance between social and economic empowerment among rural poor women, and now works for urban poor women as well

Why a Social Enterprise Is Much More Than a 'For-Profit' Venture

While a social entrepreneur operates just as any other entrepreneur would, the 'cause' remains one of the key end goals

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