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Boost Your Cognitive Performance By Minimizing Oxidative Stress

Do you have a hard time concentrating? Do brain-intensive tasks take longer to complete? Do you feel irritated and agitated quickly? Follow these actionable nutrition tips to increase your cognitive performance.


The Supplementary Protagonist

Innovation is the key to stay ahead of the curve and to protect the market, according to Bhavna

Health & Wellness

These Supplements Can Help Boost Your Health, Energy, and Overall Productivity

Rootine's fully customized supplement of vitamins and minerals are created just for you.

Health & Wellness

Rootine Brings Bespoke Design to Your Body With a Customized Vitamin Supplement

It's testing program helps Rootine identify and, ideally, to fix your key nutritional trouble spots.


This Brand Wants to Help You Run Faster, Farther, and Recover to Run More in 2022

You can take pre-workout, post-workout, or during the workout.

Starting a Business

UAE-Based VIDAVitamins Is Keeping Customers First While Making Inroads Into The Billion-Dollar Multivitamins And Supplements Market

Launched by serial entrepreneur Gusai AlMomani in late 2020, the startup was created with a mission to ease the process of choosing multivitamins and dietary supplements by making use of algorithms driven by artificial intelligence.


The Healthtech Hero

The man behind one of India's leading sports and nutrition brands HealthKart/MuscleBlaze

News and Trends

Natural Nutritional Supplements: An Industry In Need Of Stronger Regulatory Enforcement

India has witnessed a magnificent upswing in the acceptance and usage of nutraceutical products as a viable option for maintaining health