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Growing a Business

Bold, New Ecommerce Businesses Are the Ones Holding Sway in the Online Marketplace

Customers have more online choices than ever before -- and shoppers are buying into the concept.


"Chances of not meeting consumer expectations is the biggest challenge of e-commerce"

Consumer expectations and product reality must be in sync - says founder Alok Duggal

Growth Strategies

Why It's Important To Understand Consumer Base

Few excerpts from the conference

Growth Strategies

How to Drive Traffic to E retailers - New Trends in Industry

When it comes to driving traffic and conversions, there are no hard and fast rules to be followed.

Business News

Wal-Mart to Buy for About $3.3 Billion

The deal would help Wal-Mart better compete with and other online retailers.

Growing a Business

A Smart Retail Return Policy Is Much More Than Free Shipping

The more retailers can learn about why products get returned, the more they can do to prevent them.


Understanding eCommerce And The Fundamentals Of Entrepreneurship

Online shopping is as important to urban Indians as snacking or nashta at 5pm.

Business News

Amazon Is Bringing Back 'Prime Day,' a Day of Shopping With Special Deals Every 5 Minutes

Starting at midnight PT on July 12 , Amazon Prime members will be able to shop across nearly all product categories and take advantage of new deals.

News and Trends

Big Turnaround! How Jabong Clocked Gross Profit In First Quarter This Year

The company is expected to witness more action around profitability as we go into Q3 and Q4.

Growing a Business

5 Easy Strategies to Prevent Costly Retail Returns

No longer seen as a cost of doing business, product returns are a real threat to the bottom line of all retailers.

News and Trends

After Flipkart, Amazon Goes In Direct Competition With Olx And Quikr

Amazon to sell used goods on its platform.


The Road From Product to Experience for Luxury Offerings

People prefer to spend their money on experiences over things and access over ownership.

Starting a Business

How One Swimsuit Designer Hopes to Fix Fit

Jude Al-Khalil is making waves in the swimwear market with Bikyni.

Growth Strategies

How Aspiring Companies In Fashion Industry Can Enter This Highly Competitive eRetail Market

Successful e-commerce is about having the right orchestration of various activities that delivers an end-to-end shopping experience.

Business News

5 Ways Generation Z Thinks & Buys Differently

For a business to be versatile, it's crucial to see what the customer base used to be like, and what the customer base is like.