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News and Trends

An 'Exclusive Store' For All Your Technology Requirements

ShopClues' exclusive merchandise now available on its one-stop 'Exclusive Store'

News and Trends

eTailers Upbeat On Akshay Tritiya; Will Consumers Oblige?

Online retailers including Amazon and Bluestone are betting big on gold and diamond sales this year

Business News

Alibaba's Revenue Rises 39 Percent as More Shoppers Buy Online

The total value of goods transacted on its platforms on China retail marketplaces, rose 24 percent.

Business News

Teen Apparel Chain Aeropostale Files for Bankruptcy Protection

After years of losses, the company said in March it was exploring strategic alternatives, including a sale.

Business News

Amazon's Profit, Revenue Surge Removes Analysts' Doubts

The retailer's cloud-based arm and its Prime program are driving the success.

Growing a Business

Haven't Heard of Proactive Net? It Will Revolutionize Customer Experience.

No matter how beautifully-designed your website is, technical glitches can ruin the user experience. That doesn't have to be the case.


Snapdeal's Smart Idea To Sell SmartCane

SmartCane will ensure independent mobility of visually impaired.


Selling Style And Other Intangibles On The Internet

Fitting the product to every customer's individual preference, will eCommerce stores be able to make that possible?

Growth Strategies

100% FDI In eCommerce: A Boon Or A Bane For Ecosystem?

It would be interesting to note whether this new policy will benefit existing eCommerce players or not.

Business News

How These 2 Businesses are Disrupting Online Retail With Fewer Choices

These companies are attracting more customers by making decisions for them.

Growth Strategies

How This Startup is Helping Stores Take Baby Steps into World of Online Retail

"The future of the startup is 'data analytics' and we aim to be the Nielsen of India," says Mohanty.

Growth Strategies

5 Branding Strategies for Smaller Online Retailers

This is how smaller online retailers compete with the big guys

Science & Technology

8 Startups Changing How Payments Work

WePay, GoCardless and Openbucks are just a few companies offering payment services that are evolving with the online retail world.

Thought Leaders

How This Woman Sourced Inspiration for Fabric From Her Father's Drawings

Sometimes, the greatest business ideas are found at home.