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OpenSea Announces Limited Offer Of Zero Fee; Chides Blur For the Move

Citing a massive shift in the NFT ecosystem for users moving to optional creator earnings and Blur's recent decision to make users choose between OpenSea and Blur for liquidity has led the former to undertake some decisions

News and Trends

Blur Overtakes OpenSea In Daily NFT Trading Volume

Blur surpassed OpenSea in terms of daily trade volumes for the first time with 6,602 ETH on Wednesday against 5,649 ETH of OpenSea


Un NFT de la colección Moonbirds es vendido en más de $1 millón de dólares

Los tokens no fungibles muestran a 10,000 distintos y peculiares búhos. Cada uno viene cargado de beneficios exclusivos para sus propietarios.

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An NFT from the Moonbirds collection is sold for more than $1 million

The non-fungible tokens show 10,000 different and peculiar owls. Each one comes loaded with exclusive benefits for its owners.