Paid media

Operations & Logistics

3 Powerful PR Tools Small Businesses Can Use to Soar to New Heights

Discover the key tactics and best practices for leveraging social media, content marketing and paid media in your PR endeavors to catapult your small business to new levels of success.


Why Maintaining a Strong Media Presence is Key to Succeeding in an Economic Downturn

Companies are announcing mass layoffs due to the current economic climate to increase their runways and cut spend, with many significantly cutting their marketing departments. However, instead of completely eliminating marketing efforts, companies should shift their marketing strategies to focus on earned and owned media coverage as more affordable and effective alternatives to paid advertising.

Growing a Business

How Paid Media Can Increase Your Brand's Value

In any balanced media strategy, paid media should be included alongside earned and owned media. Whether a brand is large or small, the level of control it affords brand teams, and the affordability of digital media outlets can deliver excellent results.


Why Earned Media Is the Best Way to Earn Your Reputation

In today's crowded marketplace, your organization needs to stand out from the crowd.