Business News

Pilot Dies In the Bathroom After Flight Departs from Miami. Airline Is 'Deeply Saddened By This Event.'

LATAM Airlines Captain Iván Andaur Santibáñez collapsed midway through the journey, prompting his co-pilots to make an emergency landing.

News and Trends

World Pilot Day: Is India Taking Off?

April 26th is celebrated as World Pilot's Day and the idea to turn it into an international celebration was established by the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA)

Thought Leaders

Lessons from Flight School that Helped Me Become a Better Entrepreneur

I never imagined that the best business strategies would come to me inside an airplane cockpit.


What Do Piloting a Plane and Running a Business Have in Common?

Aviation and entrepreneurship may seem a world apart, but they have more overlap than you think.


Life-and-Death Lessons for 'Piloting' Your Company

Last week's Amazon plane crash in the waters off Houston reminds us that life-and-death decisions happen in multiple contexts.

Growth Strategies

#5 Strategies This Refurbishing Goods Startup Followed to Raise Funds

The company saw refurbish industry as an opportunity but did not venture out without a litmus test


How Flight School was Perfect Training for Entrepreneurship

A student pilot is taught to expect changes and work to stay ahead of any that might come. Business leaders should take note.

Starting a Business

Tasting As You Go: The 5 Benefits of 'Piloting'

Think of product development like a cooking show: Try it before you serve it.