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An Entrepreneur's Blueprint for Crafting a Pitch Deck That Wows Investors

Developing a great pitch deck is critical for obtaining business funding, with an emphasis on connecting with investors' objectives and preferences while stressing design, clarity and a passionate narrative.

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How to Think Like an Investor When Preparing Your Pitch Deck

Here are some places to start if you are trying to raise money from a global or local VC firm.

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A Guide to Visualizing Data in Your Pitch Deck

What separates your pitch deck from the 99% that go in the trash? Learn how to use data visualization to create compelling investment decks that secure investments to get your business off the runway.

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10 Presentation Tips and Hacks You Need to Know

Presentation design is evolving fast, and traditional presentations are getting simply too boring and commonplace to have an impact. So, here are some of the latest presentation design trends to help you build compelling presentations that engage your audience in 2023.

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How to Create a Winning Sales Deck to Captivate Your Audience

Are your sales decks losing steam? If your presentations are failing to generate interest and conversions, it's probably time for a strategic upgrade to their structure and content. Here are some tips from my experience over the last decade to help you level up your sales decks.

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Is the Era of Conventional Pitch Decks Over? Here's How Virtual and Augmented Reality are Changing Pitch Decks

If your pitch deck fails to impress investors, it's time to upgrade it with the power of augmented and virtual reality.

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How Great Branding and a Stellar Pitch Deck Can Help You Gain a Venture Capital Edge

In a highly competitive marketplace for founders, a powerful brand strategy — including a stellar pitch deck — can make all the difference in taking the next step toward early-stage funding.


¿Sabes qué es el "Reverse Pitch" y por qué es fundamental a la hora de buscar inversión? Esto es todo lo que debes saber

Saber escoger los inversores también es una tarea fundamental de la que dependerá no solo el crecimiento y éxito de una startup, sino también su supervivencia.

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¿Existe algo así como la piedra filosofal del pitch deck?

Si quieres que todo lo que toque tu pitch deck se convierta en oro, sigue esta guía de consejos recolectados del universo inabarcable de recomendaciones para convencer y entusiasmar a los más curtidos inversionistas.

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Successful Fundraising Begins With a Stellar Pitch Deck

It's one thing to summarize your company and vision, but to truly capture the attention of investors, you have to create a pitch deck that really knocks your message out of the park.


La recaudación de fondos exitosa comienza con una presentación estelar

Una cosa es resumir su empresa y su visión, pero para captar realmente la atención de los inversores, debe crear una plataforma de presentación que realmente saque su mensaje del parque.