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Wealthy Travelers Are Flocking to a New Luxury Cruise Ship With a Rolex Store, Crystal-Infused Water, and a $190 Tasting Menu. See Inside.

Popular luxury resort brands like Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Aman are also building out their own luxury floating hotel portfolios.


In Pictures: Rolex Draws Inspiration From Nature For Its Design Of The 2023 Oscars Greenroom

As the antechamber of the Oscars, the Greenroom -for which Rolex, as its official host, develops an original décor each year- drew inspiration from the rainforest this time around.


The Executive Selection: Rolex's 2021 Explorer Collection

Rolex's 2021 Explorer collection is here, and we can't seem to take our eyes off this particular timepiece that's been crafted out of Oystersteel and 18k yellow gold.


5 New Luxury 2020 Edition Watches You Can Gift This Diwali

Diwali gifting cart to send your love in a timeless, fashionable way


The Horology Master

Want to be a luxury watch collector? Meet the international watch expert Giorgia Mondani, who tells us how to invest, buy, sell, understand the analog business and more


Time Meets Innovation and Supercars: Top 5 Luxury Sapphire Watches so Far

From Richard Mille's 56-02 to Aventi's A-10 Supercar watch, Entrepreneur India brings you a list of high end, complicated, modern interpretation of a design classic wristwatches


Best 2018 Luxury Timepieces That Money Can Buy & Lit Your Wrist

The best luxury watches to invest in right now & change your perception about time