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'Rodent-Proof' Trash Containers Could Eliminate 150,000 NYC Parking Spaces

As the city aims to curb the rat population, proposed "trash containerization" could be implemented on 89% of residential streets, but doing so would remove thousands of parking spots.


Waging War Against Unhealthy

Sticking to the brand promise of 100 per cent honesty, the facility has been built taking into account the measures for superior hygiene and sanitation practices: Suhasini Sampath

Growing a Business

5 Weekly Tasks That Should be on Your Office Cleaning Checklist

Why hire commercial cleaners when you can do it yourself?

Starting a Business

Cut Down on Business Expenses by Handling the Cleaning Yourself

Keep your office spotless with this 3-in-1 cleaning tool.

Business News

With Toilet Paper Prices Increasing, the 'Butt Buddy' Bidet Might be Your Plan B

No longer are bidets only for the super rich.

Science & Technology

A Portable UV-C Case Can Disinfect Your Phone and Small Belongings

Your phone is dirtier than a toilet seat. But it won't be anymore.

Science & Technology

This UV Sanitizer Can Keep Your Phone and Other Small Items Next-Level Clean

Protect yourself from the items you handle every day.


This Second Generation Entrepreneur is Striving to Solve India's Impending Water Crisis

The young-preneur plans to work on other sources of water, energy and renewables that can take us to the next step of sustainability