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Want to Succeed? Learn to Say 'No'

As a first-year founder and entrepreneur, saying "yes" to every opportunity can hurt your chance of survival.

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Stop Overworking Yourself Because You Say 'Yes' Too Often — Here's How to Harness the Power of a Simple 'No'

By learning to say no, you protect your time and energy and encourage your employees to pitch in with tasks.

Growing a Business

Learn to Say No to These 3 Things to Take Your Business to New Heights

One of the most difficult challenges as an entrepreneur is learning to say "no." Turning down potential opportunities is difficult, but it can be essential for your business moving forward.


How to Be a Better Partner to Clients and Customers by Learning to Say 'No'

You can push back without driving customers out the door as long as you take a partnership mindset.

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The Most Important Things I've Learned - 16 Years and 7 Companies Later

Five pieces of advice I always give first-time entrepreneurs.

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I Talked My Way Out of Making $50,000. Here's Why It Was a Good Business Decision

How to say "no" to your clients and earn their trust in the process.

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Why Being Selective Can Lead to Success

The co-founder and CEO of Tracer shares how his data intelligence platform bridges the growing gap between sets of data and how being selective helped him close a multi-million-dollar fundraising round.

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3 Tips to Turn Tough Conversations Into Profitable Ones

How might we learn how to say no?


The Dirtiest Word Even Successful Entrepreneurs Still Use Every Day

Saying 'no' takes practice. And confidence. And effort. But it's a skill worth learning.

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How to Say 'No' More Often: Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a 'To-Don't' List

Anyone can make a to-do list. The smart entrepreneur will make -- and follow -- a list of things you should never do.