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Should A Brand Open Franchise In Small Cities?

The digital payment giant Paytm has recently said that its 50% user base comes from small cities.


Opening Franchisee In Small Cities Could Help Brands, Read How

Perks of Franchising in Small Cities

Growth Strategies

Building A Smart India

In conversation with Mr. Kukreja, Entrepreneur India tries to understand how to build a smart India.

Starting a Business

Small Biz Thrives in Small Cities with These 3 Characteristics (Infographic)

Entrepreneurs should consider these factors when choosing their base of operations.

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Industries Driving the Top 10 Small Cities for Business Owners

Here's a closer look at what makes the top small cities shine for local entrepreneurs.

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Top 10 Small Cities Where Business is Thriving

A new study ranks the top 10 American towns to launch a business – and the results might surprise you.