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Threads is Losing Users — Fast. Here's How the App Fumbled Its Product Launch (and 4 Social Media Fails It Resembles)

After becoming one of the fastest-growing apps ever, Threads lost over half its 100 million users just ten days after its launch.

Social Media

Hiring An Influencer on This Less-Used Platform Should Be Your Next Marketing Move

Most businesses have heard of Instagram and TikTok, but few know the Twitch platform.

Business News

Reddit Buys Dubsmash to Take on TikTok and Racism

The acquisition is part of Reddit's overall effort to expand its brand and be more inclusive.

Growth Strategies

How to Build Your Employer Brand With Social Media

The power of employer branding is now axiomatic and the sooner you realise it the better it is for your brand

Growth Strategies

These Key Approaches are Quintessential for Successful Brand-building

Businesses need to give time to the sales and marketing teams, as well as the customers to analyze the brand cohesively